The allegation that I made death threats to Patricia Dieni are a fraud and a deliberate attempt to avoid the ramifications of the heinous crime of parental alienation she is guilty of, a crime confirmed by Dr Stan Koisos, Australia’s pre-eminent specialist on the subject of parental alienation based upon a plethora of emails exchanges between the children, Patricia and myself, copies of which are available upon request.

"You and I share a past made up of about twenty-three years. The first 8 or so years of my life are very sketchy but I know they were great years for us. I’ve seen the photos and I have the isolated but vivid memories.

From 10-16 or thereabouts we had a great relationship. One that any son would be lucky to have with his father. You didn’t just raise me and give me excellent guidance (which as still shaped who I am today), you were also a best friend.

16-23… not our finest years obviously. We still had good times during that period but our relationship began to change somewhat. Perhaps you noticed, perhaps you didn’t but you were losing me, little by little. I’m not casting blame, you were going through things and you dealt with them in your way. I didn’t have the ability to understand what I was feeling, why I was feeling it and how to respond appropriately. I still don’t entirely.

The past seven to eight years held feelings of anger, guilt, loss, dismissal and abandonment at times. They may or may not have been justified but that’s what I felt. At this point I feel acceptance and peace. I have no negative feelings towards you whatsoever. You have nothing to answer for and you owe me nothing. You never really did.

We find ourselves at a point now where we shared sixteen excellent years together and the last nearly sixteen years where our relationship was fracturing and finally broke.

You may blame me for the last part and that’s fine, I had my part to play. I’m not casting blame or making excuses for either side. It just is what it is.
Finally to my point! We share an important past in each of our lives but it’s been a long time. I’m a very different person now. I’m someone who doesn’t bare anyone any negative feelings but I also don’t have much interest in people in general. I’m content.

I say this because I don’t want to you have a false hope that you and I would automatically have a relationship, regardless of your mental state or the manner in which you conduct yourself. I’m not judging the manner in which you conduct yourself, truth be told I have no Idea what that is and it concerns me not.

For yourself, I hope you find health and happiness. I know it’s more difficult for you than most.

Do not take this as rejection, rather as advice. Nothing is forever in this world and it would be unwise to hinge your happiness and/or health on another person."

Initial emails to Patricia clearly demonstrate that I sought to resolve issue between the two of us without the children's knowledge. Any decent mother would want her children to have a healthy relationship with their father, while Patricia's only response to my requests was "arsehole".

It should be noted that prior to my accusations of parental alienation, Patricia and I had been on cordial speaking terms for over a decade, any inference that this was not the case is a blatant lie, for which proof must be provided

As is common with all pathological abusers when ousted, Patricia attempts to portray herself as the victim, and uses the only two emails where no reference is made to her abuse of our children. A few examples

You are an unfit mother, a selfish, mean spirited inhumane monster. A Judas that sold out her entire family for 30 pieces of silver

You destroyed the relationship between Matthew and my father....robbed them of it, you vile degenerate monster

You destroyed your children lives by choice......over money. There is no words for the scum that you are

You are an unfit mother and the worst possible manifestation of a child abuser, in betraying the trust and love of your own children, causing them irrepable pyshological damage.

The more time that passes, the more I realize what a horrible selfish abusive manipulative misanthropic degenerate you are. You have completely destroyed your own children.

The wording of one of the emails considered in a vaccuum could justifiyably be considered as a death threat, The fact that I have chronic fatigue and am house bound, something she is acutely aware of, and has capitalized upon as it restricts my ability to contact the children that has allowed for the alienation to take place. The idea that I represented some imminent threat, and that I would be stupid enough to resort to violence and end up in jail is just ludricrous, as Patricia knows I am a gifted adult, who rejects violence as there far more effective, legal methods that can be employed.

Dear Mummy Dearest
It is clear that you have brain washed my children into rejecting me for years, as they cannot substantiate a single criticism levelled at me, yet insist their criticisms are valid. In doing so you have inflicted profound psychological damage upon them that has had a severe negative impact on their lives.

The brainwashing commenced prior to the divorce to cover for the sadistic betrayal you were about to commit, as the “cash cow” was unwell and non productive and so had to be discarded post haste, as it was now an intolerable hindrance to your blind, insane, pathological obsession of accumulating adequate retirement funds.

Instead of ending our marriage responsibly, in terms of minimising the traumatic experience divorce is for children, you instead deliberately drew them into the maelstrom you had created and used and criminally exploited them , all in order to cover for a dispicable betrayal of trust.

The exploitation and betrayal of the trust of your own children is a heinous and contemptible crime. Regardless of whether I am able to reconcile with the children, I will stop at nothing, using any lawful method necessary to fully expose you for the insidious toxic pariah that you are. The one thing all victim playing abusers fear more than anything else, even more than death, is public exposure and humiliation that ensues once publicly challenged on their lies......this will be your ultimate demise.

"The arresting officer took an instance dislike to me for some reason, and when I asttempted to broach the issue of parental alienation, he said "I am not interested and am not going to look it up". I said"that's what I would expect from an ignorant fuckwit'

I sent the aformentioned evidence to the officer when I arrived home, and thought that would be the end of itinformation was sent to the arresting officer. That abusers regularly invoke IVO's in order to nullify those who are on to them, is common practice as it is driven by a pathology that magistrates are well aware of."